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Stress management

‘Stress doesn’t just affect how we feel, it may affect how our body works’

Stress has been linked to many chronic diseases. Whatever the cause it can leave us feeling unable to cope.

“In the workplace, stress and mental health problems are the major factors to blame for the 140 million working days lost every year through sickness” – The Guardian.

Stress affects both emotional and physical health. You may experience headaches, muscle tension or pain. It may also affect sleep and digestion.

How may massage help?

If you have ever had a massage, you will know that it helps you to unwind and feel really good! But that’s not all…

Massage therapy may help on both a physical and emotional level to reduce muscle tightness and calm the mind and nervous system. This may help to prevent and manage the symptoms of stress.

Cortisol is a hormone that suppresses the immune system during prolonged stress. Clinical research suggests that stimulating touch receptors in the skin through massage may lower blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels, effectively reducing stress. Massage brings about a deep relaxation response that in turn may restore your immune response and allow the body to recuperate.

Can I help you?

If you are experiencing a time of stress, or have employees that would benefit from massage, please get in touch to see how I can help.