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“Helping others is one of the greatest gifts you can give.”

My journey 

I have always been passionate about helping others to achieve better health. I worked for 11 years as a Registered Dietitian providing advice to adults and children for a wide range of medical conditions. I have an extensive background in anatomy and physiology that helps me to provide an expert service.

Zoe Macpherson - Massage in Bristol

My own positive experience of massage used to combat stress and illness inspired me to train as a holistic practitioner. After a cycling accident I suffered for years with chronic pain, poor mobility and anxietyMassage and acupuncture played a key role in my recovery. I later discovered myofascial release therapy that ultimately set me on the road to recovery and allowed me to manage my pain long-term.

I eagerly applied to Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork and qualified as a holistic massage therapist. Not only did I learn specialist skills, I learnt about our fascinating mind-body connection and the ability of nurturing touch to promote powerful change in the body. With a background in competitive sports, I decided to further to train as a Level 5 Sports and Remedial Massage Practitioner. This led me down a path of working with athletes and supporting injury rehabilitation.  More recently I finally found my path into Myofascial Release Therapy. I knew first hand the benefits of this approach to help relieve pain, long standing injuries and restrictions in the body. It offers a unique approach for helping with symptoms of chronic conditions, both mental and physical, that other therapies have failed to touch. As an advanced practitioner I have completed multiple training modules with Myofascial Release UK and continue my learning journey avidly.

I firmly believe skilled bodywork is a powerful tool to help prevent and reverse the stress-related ill health that is so prevalent in our lives today. My own experience of chronic pain enables me to sensitively work with others with physical and emotional pain, and this is central to my work.

Outside of the treatment room, I enjoy all outdoors pursuits and activities. My other favourite place is the kitchen, cooking up nutritious plant-based delights for my husband and son!

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