Zoe Macpherson - Massage in Bristol


“I first met Zoe about 2 months ago after being recommended her by a close friend. All I can say is Zoe is fabulous! I saw her after quite a serious bout of depression and I couldn’t have asked for a more sensitive person to meet. Zoe was calming, understanding and empathetic without being intrusive, and you can feel with her massage that she genuinely cares for her clients’ wellbeing. She also has incredible strength for tackling those gristly knots you didn’t even know you had! Whenever I am in Bristol I will definitely be coming to see Zoe for a top-up in relaxation and healing touch ”

E.R.  13.7.15

Zoe Hull - Massage in Bristol

‘Zoe, very many thanks for a great massage. I particularly appreciated being the centre of a skilled person’s attention for 90 minutes, being asked what sort of massage I wanted and where it should focus, being helped to understand your approach, and your gentle and incisive touch. Impact? I noticed significant relaxation and a clear sense of calmness both physically and mentally, a great night’s sleep (awoke rested), better physical posture and a sense of renewal.’
– R.M. Business manager and occupational psychologist


‘Zoe met my needs entirely today. I felt safe, listened to and comfortable talking to Zoe and knew she would make a difference to my overall mental state. I was in so much pain in my back / shoulders – this is hardly noticeable now, and my shoulders have come down from my ears! Thank you so much.’
– M.H. registered nurse


Zoe Hull - Massage in Bristol‘You’ve done it again! Thank you Zoe, as I came along today (this is my third appointment) I had absolute faith that you would relax me and relieve my stress and tension in my mind and body. And you did it yet again! The touch, technique and pressure you apply were all great – I feel much more connected to my body and present in it.’
– A.W. occupational mental health therapist


‘Great release of tension behind the shoulder blades and Zoe found the exact source of pain on the left back/hip area. I was really happy with this massage, the best I have had in a long time. My body feels much lighter and soothed. Already booked in for my next massage! I also felt Zoe really listened to my needs and gave me exactly the massage I wanted and needed. Thank you!’
– G.E. post natal mum

‘Intuitive, loving, caring, soft and strong. Really listened to what I wanted, really good touch and a lovely warm person. Thank you!’

– I.P. professional dancer

‘Magnificent! I felt so comfortable and at ease throughout. Zoe applied the perfect pressure and worked on all areas I felt affected. Only negative comment – I wanted longer, I nearly fell asleep! Thank you so much.’

– JMB  IT management


‘Best massage I have ever had! Very relaxing and thoroughly enjoyed it, I need to get booked in regularly!’
– J.W. personal trainer and professional gymnast


‘Wow! I feel so nurtured and cared for, the whole experience was amazing and i feel so relaxed and floppy, it has done me so much good. You are a very warm, loving person and so good at what you do.’
– S.B. post natal mum


‘One of the best massages I have ever had. Remarkable, very enjoyable and no-one has ever found correctly that tight bit in the left side of my back. Zoe is excellent in her approach and communication and my back and neck feel superb now. Could have drifted off to sleep at the end and I never sleep in the day or during massages.’
– K.O. ENT nurse


Zoe Hull - Massage in Bristol‘Zoe demonstrates great adaptability to working with a wide range of clients and tailoring each session to their individual needs. She is enthusiastic and dedicated to her massage practice and her approach symbolises care and professionalism. Zoe has a natural flair for massage and all the qualities that make an excellent massage therapist.’
– Jacquie Kelly, BCMB and MTI Tutor

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