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Myofascial release, remedial massage and medical acupuncture

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I am an experienced therapist specialising in myofascial release therapy and self myofascial release therapy, remedial and sports massage, and medical acupuncture.

My special interests include sports injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and ME, stress and anxiety, and women’s health. I am able to use a broad range of skills to tailor my treatment to your exact needs. My approach is to listen and form a treatment approach that will give you the most benefit and really make a difference. The focus may be purely on relaxation, or specific techniques to help long standing muscular restrictions. My aim is to provide both prompt remedies and lasting advice, so that you may continue to feel good long after your appointment.

Whether you have a chronic condition or an injury to rehabilitate and return to sport, or you are experiencing pain or anxiety and want to explore how myofascial release could optimise your wellbeing and support recovery, please get in touch to discuss your specific condition. I am extremely passionate about helping others to feel the best they can in their bodies!

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I offer treatments in Pill and at the Penny Brohn Centre.

Sessions range from 60 – 90 minutes duration

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